4(2) Days of Letting Go

#1 Letting go of my fear of failure
I sometimes do things that feel like failure, and I sometimes do things that feel like success, but I am not my failures. Unfortunately, it also means I am not my successes. Letting go of the attachment to claiming successes as integral to my sense of self will free me from the reciprocal need to claim the failures as some dysfunctional aspect of myself. I am giving myself permission to fail and to really know it doesn’t define me.

#2 Music as a tool for letting go
I often get stuck inside my own head. Busy with questions and possible answers, fears and worries about things that will likely never come to pass, unnecessary analysis of the inner workings of my world. One way I can break myself out of this none-to-helpful cycle is with music.

#3 Letting go of the past so I can Keep Moving Forward

#4 Change is the Way
Today I am letting go of my resistance to change. Change will always happen, even within the happiest and most stable of circumstances. I will focus on letting go and changing with the world around me, on taking care of myself and on giving myself room not only to allow for change, but to enjoy it.

#5 Please Step Away from the Drama
 Today I am letting go of unhealthy distractions. Some distractions are great, when they are engaged in with intention. I am going to focus more fully on engaging in whatever activity is present for me. I will work harder when at work; I will focus more intentionally on my friends when spending time with them; I will focus on self care and on self work so I continue to heal and become stronger. I will intentionally walk away from situations where I’m surrounded by drama, and away from people who drain me but don’t give energy back.

#6 Wait for a Simple Solution

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