Go Climb a Mountain

Beginning when I was five and my sister was three, my family spent many weekends and school vacations hiking the Appalachian Trail. We started with short hikes close to our home in central New Hampshire and extended into one and two week trips as my sister and I grew older. We frequently “slack packed” the trail, carrying day packs and meeting my grandmother each night to camp.

When we finished in 1997, that made four generations of women in my family who have hiked the entire 2,100+ mile trail (yes, I’m working on writing that book). As much as I rebelled against it on a pretty regular basis, I found a lot of peace while climbing mountains. In my quest to change my life and my perspective, I think I need to climb a few more. I’m thinking 42 might be a good number, yes?

I’ve gathered some notes about potential hikes across the Green Mountain State, some short and others long; some I plan to hike solo and others with a friend or two. I’ll share posts with links and details about the hikes in blog posts, and will link each of my hikes here on this page.


#1 Big Deer Mountain (Groton State Forest)

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